The technology

The NCCOM3 and TEBCO technology has been used by NASA for measuring the heart performance of astronauts in space mission since 1983.

Developed to monitor astronauts’blood pressure during space missions, the HOTMAN SYSTEM is now available to the individuals with all its advantages for the public cardiovascular health monitoring.

HOTMAN SYSTEM is a non invasive Artificial Intelligence Guided Cardiovascular Technology (AIGCT) Using Thoracic Electrical Bioimpedance Cardiac Output (TEBCO) measurement technique.

This device collects cardiovascular health data. Up to 29 Individuals’cardiovascular health cardiovascular profile. In addition, HOTMAN SYSTEM includes drug prescription support for cardiologists’patients.

Unique technology in
cardiovascular analysis

HOTMAN’s unique technology matches the Intensive Care Unit’s grade to provide detailed cardiovascular profiles. It is an unprecedented technology available to the public.

React now.

Start your heart care plan today and prevent possible
cardiovascular diseases.


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