Cardiax Lab, actively select valuable partners to explore the market of cardiovascular screening.

Cardiax Lab and
Sramek BioDynamics Inc (SDBI).

On April 2nd 2019, Cardiax Lab and SDBI contracted a partnership in order to set up the first Smart Heart Care center in Hong Kong.

The Cardiax Lab is located on 11th floor, 1 Lan Kwai Fong, Central.

Its purpose serves individuals and professionals in advanced cardiovascular checkups and associated diseases prevention.

This innovative type of center is dedicated to raise cardiovascular issues awareness and participate in cardiovascular’s health improvement.

Cardiax Lab and SDBI are the heart and soul of this company, both committed to the same goal, which is to facilitate the access to cardiovascular health.

Cardiax Lab and
Santé de France Limited (SDF).

On May 2nd 2019, Cardiax Lab and SDF contracted a partnership to increase parties’prevention means, and enhance their innovative and care character.

Cardiax Lab and SDF operated a partnership to benefit each other s patrons.

Cardiax Lab provides the HOTMAN SYSTEM, an advanced cardiovascular check which enables a highly detailed cardiovascular profile; on the other hand, SDF provides exhaustive health checkups including anti-ageing, hormonal, food intolerance, nutrients and antioxidants profiles.

Together, SBDI and SDF are providing preventive solutions in their clients’wellness, enhance quality of life and longevity.

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cardiovascular diseases.


Cardiax Lab (Asia) Limited

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