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Cardiax Lab is delighted to announce our Heart Health Ambassador, Anita Chui.

Stepping into 2021, Cardiax Lab welcomes Anita Chui as the new Heart Health Ambassador.

Together, we produced a short promotion video showcasing our HOTMAN screening service. In the video, Anita puts on a spacesuit and space helmet, symbolizing the background of this leading-edge technology. Since 1983, the HOTMAN System has been used by NASA to measure astronauts’ heart performance during space missions and check for anomalies. The technologies behind the HOTMAN System include Thoracic Electrical Bioimpedance Cardiac Output Technology (TEBCO) and Noninvasive Continuous Cardiac Output Monitor (NCCOM3). Now, we can do this screening as a regular check-up procedure.

The video demonstrates the non-invasive property of our screening practice, using only eight electrode pads on both sides of the neck and chest. Before the shooting, Anita had experienced firsthand the Hotman screening process and received her cardiovascular report results. She recommends everyone over the age of 18 to do the advanced screening. Anita speaks on her exercising habits, “as you may know, I do long runs, and it requires a lot of heart strength. So before I run, I need to make sure my heart is strong enough for such activities.” Though you might not become an astronaut, it is useful to understand your heart capacity to minimize risks of cardiac attacks.

With the help of our Ambassador, we hope to introduce our service to a larger audience. After all, our mission is to benefit as many people as possible.

React now.

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cardiovascular diseases.


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